Custom Decks

thumb_trex_transcend2Custom decks are a joy to design and create

With over 20 years of custom deck designing and building experience, Felice Decks knows a thing or two about them. We’re able to take your dream custom deck and make it a reality while following the building codes of your area. We don’t build decks so that they can become unusable 10 or even 20 years down the road, so when you choose us to design and build your custom deck, expect nothing short of expert advice and quality.

There are hundreds of choices, well, more like trillions of combinations available to you when you start thinking of building a custom deck for your backyard. Do you want a pool, are you going to be using this space for parties or a family get-together are just three of these major decision making questions that you need to ask yourself when you start on a project like a custom deck.

Building an outdoor kitchen or grill area with ample seating either built into the woodwork or worked into the design are great ways to prepare yourself for being a host that the neighborhood will envy. Many pool owners will also tell you that having a deck completely surrounding the pool serves both aesthetically and functionality of the pool itself.

As you can see most decisions you can make when building your dream custom deck will be important to the design and feel of the entire project. We can help you with one on one consultations, giving expert advice and showing you many of your possibilities without you needing to worry about missing a single thing.

Call us at 804-908-5715 to learn more or to speak with us about getting your custom deck started!