Custom Outdoor Areas

12455TP_Felice Decks, Inc. Creative 1bA custom outdoor area will bring life to your home

There is literally an infinite number of combinations possible when building a custom backyard. From stand alone decks and  against the house; or even surrounding a pool and even adding a gazebo, finding solid ground to base a decision on is actually very simple with the help of a professional who can show you the most popular and useful options.

If you’re planning to build a custom outdoor area, nothing beats a good plan. Here at Felice Decks we help you with all the planning one on one, making the decisions a matter of preference rather than a matter of knowledge. Some of the most popular custom outdoor designs come straight from the imaginations of our clients and we strive to be able to make their dream custom outdoor designs a reality.

Adding a pergola or gazebo to your deck can add a great area to hang out that’s sheltered from the rain or hot sun, allowing you to still be able to use your grill. Most of the time a gazebo or pergola is used when a custom outdoor kitchen is installed to keep that area drier and more usable than the rest of the deck.

Custom outdoor areas are our specialty. Give us a call at 804-908-5715 to find out more.