Trex Fencing

trex-fencing-custom-gateTrex fencing makes backyards look even more beautiful

From privacy to looks, Trex fencing products will get you there. When it comes to composite fencing, there is no other that stands up to Trex Seclusions® fencing. The genius of the product is based on both a highly inventive design and solid engineering. Trex is the clear choice as an alternative to wood and vinyl.

Over time, Trex is less expensive than wood or vinyl (both require replacement or repair sooner). So not only does Trex fencing last longer, it also retains it’s color and beauty for far longer than traditional woods or vinyl as well.

Trex holds up to the most strict wind requirements and can be installed to any heights desired up to 12′ tall. Trex composite fencing won’t rot, crack or splinter and you’ll be left with a beautiful fence that outshines even the toughest woods.

Refined Beauty. Durability and Strength. Trex Seclusions Fencing is the best choice for privacy fencing. Unlike materials made exclusively from plastic, composite fencing gives you the best of both worlds — low maintenance and natural appeal. The rich tones of Trex composites stay vibrant throughout its lifetime. Selecting Trex for your property has an immediate impact that your friends and neighbors will envy.

So if you need a fence or just want to add some beauty to your backyard, give us a call at 804-908-5715 and schedule a free consultation now.