Trex Rain Escapes

trex rain escape under deck 1Extend your home by adding Trex Rain Escape

If you are looking to use the space below your deck, then you need not look farther. We can transform the space below your deck into a dry oasis that can be enclosed or open to the elements, yet remain dry from any water overhead that would normally drip down from the decking.

This is done with Trex Rain Escapes, a system which works by redirecting water from under the boards of your deck into a flume and away from the house. It’s different from a standard gutter system because it’s built to work with decks; catching water from below the boards.

This leaves the space under your deck completely dry, allowing you to kit it out with anything you desire such as televisions, sound systems and even furniture. You can choose to enclose this space, adding windows, a door and even carpeting. These spaces can be climate controlled, with heating and A/C, giving you literally a whole new room to enjoy in your home.

If you’re interested in a Trex Rain Escape system from Felice Decks then wait no more, call us at 804-908-5715 or contact us to get your estimate today.